Draft Minutes of the NACRA Meeting 15 December


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Minutes of the NACRA Meeting 15 December 2018

Attached PDF File has all the details below I have listed some of the highlights.

Electricity and Gas Group Buying Project - Deals for better services and prices are available if we have at least 100 households to start negotiations. - More informaiton will be posted soon.

Medina Bay Upgrade -  Medina Bay Upgrade Committee led by John Blackburn, have produced a series of draft plans have been prepared for Medina Bay, a Road, and Drainage, provision of car spaces x 5, table and chairs. The original plan for Medina Bay 2016 will be pared back so that the cost will be realistic.he engineering details and reports have been provided pro bono by an experienced engineer who is providing advice to Council Meetings have been held with Council. The mayor and councillors support the project. A grant will be provided at $100,000 a year to provide the amenities on the plan, and will be supplemented by Council following the 3 years if required. At the meeting a vote was conducted, 23 members supported the efforts of the committee and only 3 were against. The Committee will provide NACRA with regular updates.

Signage updates have been on the agenda for the community for some years. Jim Parnell proposed that a group be formed to address the following.

Wildlife Signs,Danger of speeding to Wildlife, walkers, traffic, elderly drivers, Reduction of Speed Zones –from 80 kmh to 60 kmh–, Increase the signage within the cove to do 50 kmh.

Lighting at Promontory Way is poor. Council has put on review

 Members supported the reduction of the speed zone along Carrington Road and North Arm Cove Road from 80 kmh to 60 kmh.

 Action: Jim Parnell requested volunteers from the membership to assist with this project. No members volunteered. So we will try again in the new year.

Boat Racks: NACRA has a history to attempting to have a policy on boat racks with no success previously. Now that Council has a policy we can move forward. Action: Policy for boat rack management will be proposed in early 2019.

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