"Fame Cove" rehabilitation work commences


dougkFri, 28/07/2017 - 11:05am

Some positive news that this morning (Friday 20 July) Soil Conservation Service has commenced implementation of sediment and erosion control measures on the Fame Cove-Bundabah site. This work is one step in a wider process to address the many significant issues resulting from past actions undertaken on this site.  These actions had led to several court actions initiated by Council and State Government departments.

Earlier this month Brett Peterkin, the consultant engaged by the site owner (LDF enterprises) met with representatives from Bundabah, Pindimar and North Arm Cove to explain his role in more detail and the actions being undertaken as well as hear further of local views and concerns.

Peterkin advised those present that he is implementing an Environmental Management System over the entire site to ensure that all future works are consistent with approved DAs, Council and State planning and environmental requirements, and that they comply with all relevant laws and Australian Standards.

Since that meeting LDF (represented by Peterkin) has been engaged in meetings with Council to address outstanding issues including the Quarry DA. These meetings with Council are ongoing and issues across the whole site are being addressed collectively. At this stage there is no formal advice on what is happening with regard to the proposed quarry site.


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