Guest Speakers at NACRA residents meeting

Saturday 11 February 10amlenyThu, 02/02/2012 - 1:04pm

North Arm Cove Residents Association NACRA has been sucessful in inviting two speakers to the February 11 General meeting 10am at the NAC hall.

Emergency Plans

A Police Officer from Port Stephens Area Command will assist residents in understanding Displan and emergency management plans should they choose or are told to Leave Early or Evacuate our village if it is threatened by a major bushfire (probably not this fire season) or by other Extreme or Catastophic Event.

Have you considered where you might go, how long you may be away, what you may need to take with you. It could be days before you can safely return to your home.

Being prepared in advance can make emergencies less stressful and save precious time.

Copies of Red Cross booklets: Emergency REDiPlan and REDiPlan for Seniors will be available at the meeting or can be found at /emergency-resources.aspx

Heros Beach Aquatic Survey

David Bortfeld, Manager Parks and Recreation, Great Lakes Council will present the recently completed Aquatic Survey and the acompanying Level Surveys of Heros Bay which will form part of the planning process being undertaken to consider the fesability of a boat ramp in North Arm Cove.




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