Increased Funding for North Arm Cove

lenyThu, 02/02/2012 - 2:57pm

As a consequence of the NACRA executive meeting with Glen Handford Great Lakes Council General Manager and Grant Applications made by the Great Lakes Council and North Arm Cove Tennis Club, the NACRA Committee can report

Council budget 2011-2012

  • $30,000   Water Street drainage up grade
  • $8,000     Aquatic Survey and investigation Heros Bay

Additional Funding

  •  $8,000   Hall BBQ project
  •  $4,000   Hall electrical upgrade (evaluation presently being undertaken by GLC)
  •  $1,000   Materials Hall BBQ seating and planter boxes (also requires community working bee)

Grant Applications not yet confirmed

  • $29,000  Public Toilet Hall Site  (application by GLC).
  • $20,000  Tennis Club Building   (application by NAC Tennis Club)

Total   $100,000

The above are all projects funded or under consideration by GLC and the State Government in the current year. If the Grant Applications are successful, this will be the highest level of financial commitment shown by Local and State Government to North Arm Cove and begins to address the communities long standing need for recreational facilities.













Thank you to all our sponsors including

Barneys Water Tank Cleaning