Minutes of recent NACRA Meetings

mpicklesMon, 11/02/2019 - 7:24pm


NACRA Meetings

50 residents attend the NACRA

meeting on Saturday 9 February 2019.

You can read the draft minutes below.

The main item discussed was the deal on the table for cheaper power presented by Michael Pickles

The main points are;

Energy Australia will offer the deal to residents who hold a NACRA membership number. At present there are 50 plus interested members however we need more to sign up as interested.

The deal proposed is the Secure Saver Deal which is published on the website for Energy Australia. The rates will be $1.54 daily rate and $33.83 usage charge including GST and a discount of 32% for paying on time which will reduce the usage rate down to 23.01 c including GST. Daily supply charge cannot be discounted at present. Power and Poles are a separate company. Most people are paying $1.31 or $1.41 with GST for the daily rate. The new pricing as at June 2019 will be $1.54.

Residents should at the time of taking this deal up must not be locked into a current contract. Michael examined a number of local bills and found that there would be savings such as a bill of $480 per quarter would be reduced to to $440 per quarter.

The deadline for the deal is the end of March. NACRA will supply Energy Australia a list of interested residents and they will be contacted by phone. Residents will need their NACRA membership number and current electricity bill handy to discuss details.

We need 100 households to make this deal work and to establish a buying block for the long term such as with NBN and gas.

If you have not registered your interest there is still time.....contact nacrapower@northarmcove.nsw.au

Minutes of the meeting on the 15 December were confirmed.

General Meeting 15 Dec 2018.pdf

Draft Minutes of the Meeting held 9 Feb 2019

General Meeting 9 February 2019 draft.pdf

Next meeting is scheduled for 6 April 2019.


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