NACRA General Meeting 10 August 2019


mpicklesThu, 08/08/2019 - 8:06am

North Arm Cove Residents Association.

Agenda General Meeting 10 August 2019



Minutes of the meeting held 1 June and 8 June April

Business Arising : Heros Beach Submission, Medina Bay Update , Electricity Project

Correspondence In :

Approval from NSW Community Projects for the Lets Picnic at Heros Beach project to be presented for voting by the community on the NSW Community Projects  website.
Copies of emails addressed to Janine Reid regarding Oyster Leases
Copy of the response from Janine Reid to Fisheries for North Arm Cove
Signage request notification to Gayle Chappell for 3 signs
Letter from Jimmy Huan requesting that drains are cleared by council and hazard reduction in non urban land.

Correspondence Out :

Update email sent to all members with email notifying of the voting for the Picnic Tables at Heros Beach and membership fees due.
Response to Tony Hann regarding compliance issues with structures and veg removal
Nota update from the Cove


Business Arising from Correspondence.

Heros Beach project voting closes 15 August – residents encouraged to vote while at the meeting. Compliance issues response from SRG, Oyster Farming and proposed meeting with DPI.

Treasurers Report – Lyn McKee


Presidents Report – Jim Parnell – New technology and oyster farming in North Arm Cove

Report : Janine Reid- Representations to Fisheries and DPI re oyster farming and impact on residents.

ABN Group deal for North Arm Cove.

Southern Area Reference Group – Maria Pickles

Non-Urban Land Committee Report – Trevor Vandenburg

Motion : To establish a Non Urban Land Subcomittee with the following members:

Motion: That NACRA honor the establishment of this committee for the purpose of providing a forum and support for non urban landholders to develop ideas, plans and proposals for the future of their land. NACRA will provide support for the submission of plans and proposals to Mid Coast Council.

The committee shall keep records of meetings, including dates, attendees etc and conduct meetings according to the NACRA constitution.

Reports from the Subcommittee are provided at General Meetings when appropriate.

The Committee will be operational until such time as no longer needed.

Fame Cove Committee –

General Business

Get Ready Day 14 September – NAC Fire Brigade will be at the Hall in the am.

Pizza and Pasta Night – Saturday 14 September – Spring Full Moon


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