North Arm Cove Residents Association Meeting 15 December


mpicklesSun, 02/12/2018 - 10:28am


North Arm Cove Residents Association 


General Meeting 10 am 15 December 2018
at North Arm Cove Community Centre

Note change of meeting date from the 8 December

Agenda Items

Reports and projects

  • Fame Cove – Len Yearsley
  • Southern Area Reference Group – main items from NAC
  • Aquatic Health – Janine Reid
  • Proposed Bottle and Can Recycling in the Cove – Lyn McKee
  • Electricity Project : Presentation on options for group buying of electricity. Michael Pickles has sought information from Electricity Companies. At least 50% of the Cove is required to gain the best deal.
  • Porter Loos for Australia Day – NACRA support for the Australia Day Event 2019
  • Proposed upgrade for Medina Bay
  • Heros Beach Development and Rehabilitation –The Grants team and planners from Council will be involved. We will need a group of interested residents to work through this project over the next year with the aim to submit for funding in November 2019.
  • Drainage: Many of the drainage problems can be solved with regular with maintenance. NACRA can submit for the upkeep of the drains.
  • Outdoor Gym versus Exercise Stations – Feasibility –We will need a group of residents to work this through including doing a survey or consultation. Location and the user group are of course critical factors. Aim to submit to a number of funding agencies in 2019.
  • Signage – Review of all signs and report needs for upgrading to Council and relevant authorities– NACRA – Need a group to pursue this – review all signs and make recommendations.
  • Reduction of Speed Zones – submit to RMS – NACRA with support from Council if required.
  • Boat Racks – Council has a model in place for communities to manage their own racks including charging users and providing them with requests for removal if needed.

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