Notice of Annual General Meeting 8 February 2020

mpicklesSun, 12/01/2020 - 1:46pm

North Arm Cove Community Association Inc - Notice of Annual General Meeting

Saturday 8 February 2020 

This meeting will follow the Special Meeting which is starting at 10 am to agree on a Constitution.

At the AGM all positions on the Committee will be declared vacant and all members are encouraged to apply for positions. Nominations forms can be found here and need to be submitted by February 1 2020 to the Secretary 36 Cove Bld North Arm Cove. Email nomination forms will be accepted followed by hard copy.


Minutes of the previous AGM October 2019.


Report from the President

Treasuer - Annual Financial Report.

Reports from Sub Committees

Aquaculture, Fame Cove, Non Urban Landholders

Election of Office Bearers and Ordinary Committee Members.

Nomination Form 2020.pdf


Thank you to all our sponsors including