Power Deal Update


mpicklesWed, 27/02/2019 - 2:26pm

The North Arm Cove Power Deal is still open until 10 March.

Residents interested in the power deal still have time to register.

The deal proposed is the Secure Saver Deal which is published on the website for Energy Australia.

The rates from April 2019 will be $0.98 to $1.54 including GST daily supply charge Whatever daily supply rate you are charged will depend on your meter type,  and standard $33.83 usage charge including GST.

Energy Australia staff will discuss which rate you will be on for your daily usage charge and whether you have solar, off peak 1 or 2 etc. Daily supply charge cannot be discounted at present. Power and Poles and meter readers are separate companies. A discount of 32% for paying on time will be applied to the usage charges.

This will reduce the standard usage rate down to $0.2301 including GST. Note that this deal is from April 2019. There is no lock in contract.

The deal will be current for 2 years with no increases. If rates decrease the deal rates will also decrease. ALL PRICES QUOTED INCLUDE GST

 Residents should at the time of taking this deal up must not be locked into a current contract. Remember even if you have a good deal now that prices are going to increase in June.

Want to go ahead? What you need to do now.

Provide your Name, Address, Phone number, email address and current supplier. You should sign up before 10 March for this deal. Send by email to http://nacrapower@northarmcove.nsw.au

Include a statement in the email: I am happy for NACRA to provide my details to Energy Australia. Energy Australia will contact you by phone and discuss signing up for this deal before the next quarter starting in April. You will need to quote your membership number and have a copy of your existing electricity bill.

If you are not a NACRA member drop $10 into Maria Pickles 36 Cove Boulevard or Lyn McKee 33 East Slope Way and you will be contacted with your membership number.

You can also sign up on by using the form on this website. https://northarmcove.nsw.au/sites/default/files/1/NACRA%20Membership%202018.pdf


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