Public Toilet for NAC Hall Site

lenyTue, 27/12/2011 - 2:10pm

Following the NACRA Executive discussion with Glenn Handford the Great Lakes Council General Manager in October Council has made a grant application for a stand alone public toilet for the hall site. It is envisaged as a single unisex and disabled toilet utilising the halls septic system to reduce cost.

The specific location is yet to be determined as it will form part of the Master Plan for the hall site. Providing an outdoor toilet for the new BBQ area, Tennis Club community and public without the need for access to the hall toilets.

In the future a children's playground and open space area suitable for ball games and other activities is envisaged to form part of plans.

Our Local Member Craig Baumann has acknowledged the NACRA letter of support for this project and advises the assessment of the Grant Application by Communities NSW is underway.


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