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mpicklesFri, 30/08/2019 - 6:49am

Draft Minutes of the August Meeting of NACRA are posted here.

We are pleased to report that NACRA membership is the strongest for some years. There were 110 members last financial year and so far we have 70 members for 2019.

Jim Parnell opened the General Meeting Saturday 10 August welcoming many new members amongst the 54 people who attended. Jim excused himself from the Oyster discussion due to his processional role in AMSA.

Hot topic on the agenda were the new practices of Oyster Farmers on the two active leases in the Cove and Fisheries Role in Compliance

A motion was passed that NACRA aims to develop positive relationships with Oyster Farmers in the Cove now and in the future and invite Oyster Farmers and other Stakeholders for a Special Meeting. This is now planned for the 21 September to be confirmed. Come along and find out on how the farms work, what kinds of oysters are now being grown, and the future of farming.

NACRA President Jim Parnell welcomed Non Urban Landholders and talked to the meeting about the importance of recognising all landholders without prejudice and the support NACRA will provide to assisting non urban landholders. A sub committee was formed with experienced members working across the private and government sectors. They will be active submitting ideas for the future.

Kate Washington will be visiting NACRA at the next meeting 12 October. We have asked Kate to provide us with an update on funding that may be suitable for continuing to develop the Community Centre, recreational areas and plans for the future. Residents are invited to attend and have a chat with our local member.

Draft Minutes 10 August pdf.pdf


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