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1. Oyster Farming 

The executive of NACRA has discontinued the Aquaculture Committee for a number of reasons outlined in the Executive Committee Minutes of the 25 September. Executive Meeting Minutes 25 September 2019..pdf This decision was not made lightly and the work of Janine Read is recognised in her consistent and diligent efforts for compliance of leases. Read more in the minutes here. A request has been made to reform the subcommittee which will be discussed at the AGM.

A residents consultation with Fisheries, Oyster Farmers, the Food Authority will be held on 25 October at 1pm at the Hall. The main topics are : Compliance and Oyster Farms in the Cove - What has been done and what is planned for the future. Oyster Farmers introduction and description of farming practices. Food Authority - water quality. Read the requirements for farmers and residents under the 2016 Oyster Strategy here.Oyster Strategy 2016.docx_.pdfOyster Strategy 2016.docx_.pdf

Correspondance from Fisheries has confirmed that owners of the northern lease OL86/138  Sweet Water Oysters will be making changes to the poles, replacing the long poles with anchor points and that the order has been made for materials for this purpose. There is no exact timeframe on this work dependant on the time, funds etc available to the farmers. The southern XL Oysters structures that have been placed outside 86/140 are being removed so that the lease is within boundaries. The farmers do not have a barge at the moment so this is slow work.

NACRA has requested correspondance from Mid Coast Council regarding the recent inspections of septic tanks and water quality. Len Roberts has reported that there are no plans for the imediate future of bringing water or sewerage to the Cove, Pindimar or Bundabah. Council will inform residents via the website of any issues to do with the compliance of onsite water systems. A request has been made for clarification on a possible education strategy for owners of onsite sewerage systems, A speaker will be invited to a NACRA meeting.

2. Mid Coast Council

Requests for works, maintenance and compliance issues - All requests now should be made using the Report and Request Form - this is a much better system which has had some teething problems however is working well now. All requests residents have for works etc should be made using this form including for council buildings and structures. Responses for compliance issues are dealt with in a day. Once you make a request you recieve an email response. Check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox. If your request is for lighting, pathways, drainage etc you may send your response to so that it is added to a planning list for the Southern Area Reference Group for monitoring monthly.

Southern Area Reference Group - Mid Coast Council - Requests for works have been completed or have been taken off the list as not applicable or achievable. There are however some requests which have been on the list for more than a year. Note this is not peculiar to NAC. Full report will be posted here later this weel. A letter has been received from Council explaining that containers are allowed on non urban land subject to an applicatoin from the land holders. Containers MCC.pdf.

Draft Community Participation Plan Submissions closing on 08 November 2019, 04:30 PM -

Community Profile: An updated community profile has been requested by Daniel Aldridge Manager Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades in order to progress the request to complete the works as per the DA for Heros Beach. NACRA has joined with the Hall Committee to collect information on a wide range of serices, ideas and prioirities for the community. These need to be discussed and prioritised before the next community engagement strategy consultation to be held at Tea Gardens - Baptist Church - Tuesday 26 November, 6pm. Residents are invited to complete their forms and return asap.

There are a number of new planning strategies to be implemented at Council, for example pedestrian access and mobility plan which will be important strategies for North Arm Cove. We need to be ready with clear requests for works under this plan. For example a safe crossing across the Ridgeway to the Hall. A list of new signs - as Council will be starting on signage in the next year. These issues should be included in the Community Plan.

Heros Beach – council has agreed to discuss the approved development at Heros Beach once we have updated the profile. A submission has been made for high quality BBQ, Picnic Facilities including pergolas and Seating to NSW Community Participation Grants.

Parks – Steve Howard has agreed to supply some plants for recreation reserves depending on weather. Trees in Newcastle are building up thier nursery of stock suitable for the Hunter area and thier next sale is 30 Nov.

Annual General Meeting 12 October 2019 all positions will be declared vacant for an election. Note that Kate Washington was to attend this meeting however this has been postponed until the community profile has been completed and residents can discuss the future improvements to the Cove.









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