We need your feedback for North Arm Cove Community Plan

mpicklesTue, 08/10/2019 - 9:35am

1. Community Profile and Plan – Mid Coast Council Consultation 6 pm 26 November – Tea Gardens Baptist Church.

North Arm Cove is one of the smallest villages in Mid Coast Council area. Mid Coast Council initiated this year a Community Engagement and Planning Strategy. The strategy involves communities

identifying priorities for works and improvements in their villages for the coming years.


This plan is important for all communities in the MCC area however most important for villages which do not attract the same level of services as towns.


We need to have the plan for North Arm Cove ready for presentation at the next community engagement consultation Tea Gardens - Baptist Church - Tuesday 26 November, 6pm.

NACRA has joined with the Hall Committee to collect information on a wide range of services, ideas and priorities for the community.

Residents are invited to complete their forms and return asap. Note that Kate Washington was to attend the AGM however this has been postponed until the community profile has been completed and residents can discuss the future improvements to the Cove.

Community Profile North Arm Cove Final.docx_.pdf

In addition an updated community profile has been requested by Daniel Aldridge Manager Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades in order to progress the request to complete the works as per the DA for Heros Beach and for other projects. The survey includes questions about age etc that will assist with this profile.


The Council has also requested feedback on the Draft Community Participation Plan Submissions closing on 08 November 2019, 04:30 PM –



Thank you to all our sponsors including

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