Is it safe to go boating over the Easter break?

janinerWed, 31/03/2021 - 11:52am

Jimmy's Beach Port Stephens
Jimmy's Beach on 31 March. The water is still brown.

The flood waters along the east coast are gradually abating, so is it safe to go boating over Easter?

Before making a decision, the first thing I would do is look at the NSW Maritime facebook page. It has a great image of the flood plume off the coast near the Hawksbury River. The water up here may not be as bad, but we still have a lot of flood water coming down the local rivers.

NSW Maritime is still recommending delaying all non essential boating and if you go out, slow down and keep a lookout for flood debris. Remember, a lot of debris floats just below the surface and is not visible in the murky water. Even offshore, the water can be hazardous. For example, during the week, a large water tank was discovered floating off Lake Macquarie.

In the estuaries, there is also the problem of flood damage to the channel markers. Some may have completely disappeared. If you notice any missing or damaged channel markers, please report them so that they can be replaced or repaired. Also, don't forget that channels and sand bars can change or move after a lot of rain.

Unfortunately, it has been a poor boating seaon. Our boat is stored near the water and the ground has been too boggy to get it out since Christmas. It looks like we will have to be content getting some exercise in our kayaks for the next few weeks.


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