Leunig Sums Life Up


tonyhSun, 25/02/2018 - 11:31am

I sit here feeling pretty low about the state of the nation and trying to think up something smart to say about the MidCoast Counci debacle. 
A jet skier flashes past our house inside the oyster leases where kids are swimming. I'm thankfully distracted as a poem by one of our  best loved cartoonists comes to mind:
Jet-ski person, selfish fink,
May your silly jet-ski sink,
May you hit a pile of rocks,
Oh hoonish, summer coastal pox.
Noisy, smoking dickhead fool,
On your loathsome leisure tool,
Give us all a jolly lark,
And sink beside a hungry shark.
Scream as in its fangs you go:
Your last attention-seeking show,
While on the beach we all join in,
With, " three cheers for the dorsal fin!"

It’s high tide as the hoon’s bow wave splashes over onto our lawn. Which of course reminds me of another Leunig poem:

I must go down to the sea again,
Before it rises up to me,
Before the ice caps start to melt,
And spoil the loungeroom underfelt,
Oh dearie, dearie me,
I must go down to the sea.
Now I’ve got that off my chest, I feel so much better. Thanks Michael Leunig.


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