Oyster Line Comes Loose

janinerSat, 08/01/2022 - 2:21pm

Loose oyster line
Broken oyster line on OL86/140

Over the New Year long weekend, a line of oysters broke loose in strong winds. It was near the boat launching area at Water Street. The line was outside the lease area but it it was bunched up and easily visible. On Wednesday, I tried contacting the phone number that DPI Fisheries had given us, but it was disconnected. I then tried DPI Fisheries, but they were on holidays until 10 Janunary. I then tried the mobile phone number that was on the XL Oysters website.

It was very pleasing to find that the problem was fixed within 24 hours of reporting it to XL Oysters. It was just as well, as we have had some very strong winds with a Hazardous Wind warning for enclosed Hunter waters for most of the week.


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