Proposed Changes to Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture Laws

janinerThu, 11/03/2021 - 4:03pm


DPI is currently seeking feedback on a range of proposals to amend fisheries and aquaculture regulations. These proposals have been identified by stakeholders and DPI to better manage our fisheries resources and reduce unnecessary red tape. There are two parts to these proposals:

Part A. Commercial Fisheries Business Efficiency Program (BEP)

These proposed regulation changes relate to commercial fisheries and have been identified by the commercial fishing industry to improve their business efficiency. The NSW Commercial Fishing NSW Advisory Council has considered these proposals and recommended that they proceed to broader community consultation.

Part B. Proposed amendments to broader fisheries and aquaculture regulations

These proposed fisheries and aquaculture regulation changes have been identified that benefit a range of fisheries resource users including recreational and Aboriginal fishers, aquaculture operators and charter fishing businesses.

There are 19 consultation papers which are now open for public consultation. I have checked the proposed changes to recreational fishing (Paper 10) and the aquaculture rules (Paper 11) and could not see anything that may adversely affect our area.

If you would like to read about the changes or have your say, go to .


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