garrybSun, 14/04/2013 - 6:40am

How goes it folks? Just a reminder El Presidente Maureen is off on:  a. Annual Leave, b. Long Service Leave, c. Sress Leave, d. Baby Sitting Leave, e. Visiting Rels Leave, f. Jet Setting Leave, g. Hope She Has A Good Time Leave or h. All Of The Above.

Whatever Mo, enjoy yourself.

See you end of May


Resident rhymer Bob Bush is off to Clarence Town to perform at "A Day In The Bush"  featuring Award-winning Bush Poets on Friday 17th May at the School of Arts Hall. Kick off is at 9.00 am  with morning tea and the main game starts at 9.30 am. As well as our own poeteer Bob a host of top bush poets will be in attendance. Sounds like a good day to me. 


Karma man Ron Stewart was in the seat of power last meeting and for homework set us something different. Tell you the truth can't remember in the years I've been attending meetings there ever being a double up. Think of a place where you have been and right a report on it recommending or criticising it as a holiday/tourist destination. Something like what appears in travel brochures or newspaper travel guides or just choose some hole and shoot it down in flames. There's a chance Ron maybe in Sydney and miss out on hearing the groups' responses. Now if that's not Karma I don't know what is. The man can't help himself. Why only the other day he said to me "Better karma round to my place" (wot a shocker).

NEXT MEETING IS ON THURSDAY 18th APRIL 2013 AT THE USUAL...JUDGE DEANE PRESIDING    Who spotted a mistake in the above rivetting rhetoric?


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