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The following has been contributed by Wayne Jarman who is the FIRST person to have ever done same. GOODONYERMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yOU'RE A FLAMIN' LEGEND!!!!!!!!!

Email to me........I was wondering if you would like to display this list on the NAC Website Writers Page as information for the creative people out there who don't attend our meetings. It will give them an idea of what we do and may encourage them to attend.




  1. Join a creative group that provokes creative ideas through exercises and homework.
  2. Newspapers.
  3. Have someone suggest a topic.
  4. Magazine – photos and articles.
  5. Open a Dictionary and randomly point to a word.
  6. Wait for the ‘last minute pressure’.
  7. Make a commitment and work under pressure.
  8. Go outside.
  9. Watch TV.
  10. Talk to Friends.
  11. Listen.
  12. Observe.
  13. Imagine.
  14. Listen to Music.
  15. Randomly open a book to any page.
  16. Walk.
  17. Keep and review an ideas book.
  18. Meditate.
  19. Conduct a fire burning ritual.
  20. Attend an Art class.
  21. Read Novels and history.
  22. Watch Documentaries.
  23. Pick a piece of paper, with random words, from a hat.
  24. Overheard conversations.
  25. Thinking about Time.
  26. Nature. (eg Walking a Mountain.)
  27. Google random words. Search Internet.
  28. Watch people; their idiosyncrasies and what they are saying and doing.
  29. Be around animals.
  30. Watch Sunrises and Sunsets.
  31. Listen to Radio.
  32. Look at photos. (Your own photos and other people’s photos.)
  33. Look at artworks: Paintings (‘the Masters’ and contemporary), Sculpture, Other.
  34. Visit the world. (The bustle of town, the serenity of nature.)


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