garrybTue, 19/02/2013 - 6:56pm

Greetings Fellow Writers.

Happy New Year, seems like a long time since it was 2012. Troops I have emerged from the summer hibernation and thought I better get something in here before I get the bullet. Well what do I know.......

1. First meeting in 2013 next Thursday 21st February 6.30 pm at the usual.

2. Ron Stewart, Bob Bush and myself did a bit of busking in front of Sunset Books at the Terrace to help Greg Field with his closing down sale. Unfortunately 28th February seems to be it. We did ok and sold a few. Had a little problem with the P A System but it was just the battery needed charging. It's going like a bought one now.

3. If you're in the Terrace drop into the bookshop because I tell you there are some El Cheapo books there.

4. Have you done your homework....no.

5. Good writing everyone, see you Thursdee Nite 



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