Contributor Code of Conduct

The North Arm Cove community website was established by the North Arm Cove Residents Association Inc (now NACCAi) to facilitate greater communication amongst the Cove community. The website is visible to the world and the content on the website will influence the image that viewers of this site have of our community. Healthy discussion about issues of relevance to Cove residents is therefore encouraged with some provisos as outlined below.

The administrators and editors of the website are volunteers. They will act as moderators of submitted contributions when they must. Your cooperation in abiding by this Code of Conduct will ease their workload.

  1. Contributions to the website, including messages sent via the website, must at all times be courteous and welcoming to others. This is particularly important to remember when you vehemently disagree with an opinion. Challenge that opinion only with facts and reasoned argument. If you are angry, wait until you have calmed down before you post anything.
  2. Attacks on any individual, whether a member of the Cove community or not, are not acceptable.
  3. Swear words are not acceptable even if camouflaged. Keep this a family-friendly site.
  4. Posting of copyright material is not permitted unless the owner of that copyright has granted permission. (Also see the Copyright Notice.)
  5. Spamming is not acceptable.
  6. Contributions to discussions should keep to the topic.
  7. Protect your login id by keeping your password to yourself. All contributions made under that id will be attributed to you. (Anonymous contributions are not possible.) If you believe your login id has been compromised change your password immediately and contact us. (Also see Disclaimer.)

The editors:

  • May choose which, if any, issues are open for discussion and choose when to close an issue from further discussion; and
  • Have the right to identify which comments they consider are or are not appropriate to a discussion and to edit or even delete any or all comments submitted.

If you wish to complain about the moderation of your contributions contact us. Do not vent your concern in an on-line comment. Such comments will be deleted.


  • Have the right to block those whose contributions have breached this Code of Conduct on multiple occasions from further contributions to the site; and
  • May remove content from the site – even when it is otherwise consistent with this Code. The Cove website is continually evolving and changing and available storage is limited.

The views expressed on the website are those of individual authors and are not necessarily supported by all or any of the site's administrators and editors. If you consider an item that you have read on this website, or a private message you have received via the website, to be in breach of this Code of Conduct, offensive, inaccurate or inappropriate, contact us.

Keeping your contributions consistent with this Code of Conduct is not an onerous task but it will help make the website an enjoyable online meeting place for our community.