Welcome to the website of the best little village in Australia. Photograph courtesy of skyepics.com.au

Well, okay.

Maybe we are just a teeny weeny bit biased

but ...

 ... North Arm Cove is a hidden treasure.

It snuggles gently upon the northern shore of 
Port Stephens in NSW.


It is a small part of the country of the Worimi people whose heritage we acknowledge.

What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in the charm of its water views, the freshness of its tall eucalypts, the chattiness of its birds and the canniness of its kangaroos.


The Cove is a wonderful place to sit back, unwind and just take in what its beguiling environment has to offer.

After a little while, the magic of the Cove starts to nudge idle brain cells into bursts of enthusiastic creativity.

Previously neglected muscles are energised.

Quiet seclusion morphs into cooperative adventures. 


You will see from this website that members of the local community participate in a wealth of activities.

This is an active and caring community.

Many locals willingly volunteer loads of their time for the benefit of all of us.

Residents of the Cove do not always agree. Debates can be passionate. 
But they all agree that North Arm Cove is a great place to live!

Please feel free to explore our website.

If you are a local, please sign in and contribute to the discussions.



This website aims  
to strengthen our sense of community and 
to demonstrate to the world how we treasure our little village.

Working together we will make a great place to live even better.