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janinerSun, 26/06/2022 - 12:33pm
A dusky flathead

New dusky flathead and lobster recreational fishing rules will come into force on 1 August, 2022.

Dusky Flathead- There will be a slot limit of 36cm to 70cm (previously 1 over 70cm). The daily bag limit will reduce from 10 to 5 per person. To allow for extended fishing trips, the possession limit will remain at 10.
Lobster- There will be an increase in the daily bag/possession limit from 2 to 3 per person of Eastern Rock Lobster or Southern Rock Lobster or a combination of these species.

For further information, check out the DPI website at...

bobreidSun, 19/06/2022 - 9:25pm

Did you know that we have our own local community radio station - Myall Coast Radio.

It is located in Tea Gardens and has presenters and DJ's from our local Myall Coast community, and weekly recorded shows, music for all generations, and news and sport on the hour.

You can listen to it by live streaming it on your home computer, your iPhone, your tablet and your smartphone.

The easiest way to access it is to put it on the home screen of your iPhone or smartphone.

Loal ConroySun, 12/06/2022 - 2:10pm

Open from 10 am to 12 noon - for Beesting cake, egg & bacon muffins plus ham & cheese toasties with your favourite barista style coffee... see you there!

bobreidSun, 05/06/2022 - 9:54pm

Feedback on our draft North Arm Cove and Carrington local community plan is slowly coming in.

For those readers that have already provided feedback, thank you.

If you haven't yet read the plan and provided feedback please do so. 

I have attached a copy of the draft plan and a feedback form to fill in. The form has details on how to lodge it.

bobreidSun, 05/06/2022 - 9:31pm

Following recent feedback we have done a small change to the website that makes it easier to find and download PDF attachments from posted articles. 

Previously, if a post included a PDF attachment such as a report, the full report would be displayed before the link to download the report. If the report was a long one, such as the draft local community plan, you had to scroll through the whole report before you got to the download link. As a result of this some readers did not realise that the attachment was there and could be downloaded.

Today's featured/historical article ...

Migrating birds in the Cove

Submitted by mpickles on Mon, 20/02/2012 - 9:24am

Migrating wader birds in the Cove

Small numbers of Bar Tailed Godwits who live in the arctic tundra of Siberia and Alaska in the Northern Hemisphere summer and in Australia during our summer have been in the cove for the past few months. In early summer there was a group of 4 and now there are 8! There are hundreds of godwits currently living in the Kooragang Island wetlands and Stockton sands after considerable effort by volunteers to preserve the habitats. The Godwits share the amazing East Asian- Australian Flyway migratory path with about 55 other wading birds. Tracking...