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mpicklesTue, 28/07/2020 - 8:01pm

Some unusual and beautiful fungi have been popping up along the East Coast a fungi feast after the long drought. A few specimens are posted here, I am sure there are photographers who could challenge these shots taken with a Samsung Phone. If you are a keen follower there is great guide to be found on the Dept of Environment website.

A guide to common fungi of Hunter and Central Rivers Region

Or for more fungi go to Australian Fungi Identification Pictures

janinerSun, 26/07/2020 - 5:40pm

In the last few months you may have noticed many new sponsor ads on the website. These ads are located in 4 positions on the sides of the home page. Up to six ads cycle randomly in each location. Most of our ads have links to the sponsor’s own webpage or to a page on our website with more details about the sponsor. If you hover over an ad and click, you will go to these pages. The ads also appear randomly on several other pages on our website and at the bottom of our weekly email.

The sponsors...

bobreidSun, 26/07/2020 - 5:38pm

This afternoon I spent an hour driving around the Cove between 3 and 4 checking out the road drains, and taking lots of photos of problem spots. There were many places where water was flowing on to the road from roadside drains that had not been cleared for some time, inadequate or non-existent drains, blocked pipes under driveways, water flowing from driveways onto the road and in many places washing gravel onto the road and blocking drains, and blocked culverts.

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dougkSun, 09/08/2015 - 11:00pm

Did you ever wonder why ...
Some people spell Boulevarde with a final E
there are others who spell Boulevard with no extra E?

Can both be right?

Council, it appears, is confused because some of our local signs have the E at the end but most official Council records show no extra E. Indeed most Boulevards in the world go without an E to finish. Although Hawks Nest of course has "The Boulevarde"! That final E hasn't been washed away - yet.

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