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bobreidMon, 12/04/2021 - 2:38pm

This post contains an update on developing the plan, and a call for additional residents to join the steering group.

1. An update on developing the plan

MidCoast Council started the process for developing a local community plan for North Arm Cove and Carrington in late 2020. 

Council’s idea of local community plans is "for people within a community to come together, have a conversation about what they want for the future and develop a plan for how they will get there.

Loal ConroySun, 11/04/2021 - 12:31pm

Hand painted 'Coffee in the Cove' sign missing
from the blackboard (opposide the Community Centre).
It may have been removed because it kept falling over in the wind
or as a joke - but we would appreciate it being returned please.

bobreidSun, 04/04/2021 - 9:10pm

According to my weather station we had 605mm of rain in March - an awful lot of rain. It's no wonder the ground is so wet and sodden!

The wettest day was 18 March when we had 260mm, and the highest rain rate was during the magnificent storm on the night of 28 March when we had 49mm in about half an hour, at a rate of 106mm per hour.

I am wondering if our March rainfall is the most we have ever had in a month - it is the most monthly rainfall that I have recorded over the past few years - does anyone have historical records that can confirm this?

janinerWed, 31/03/2021 - 11:52amJimmy's Beach Port Stephens

The flood waters along the east coast are gradually abating, so is it safe to go boating over Easter?

Before making a decision, the first thing I would do is look at the NSW Maritime facebook page. . It has a great image of the flood plume off the coast near the Hawksbury River. The water up here may not be as bad, but we still have a lot of flood water coming down the...

janinerTue, 30/03/2021 - 4:04pmBennetts Beach, Hawks Nest

We have had a lot of rain in the last few weeks. In the big event ten days ago we had about 450ml and then on Monday night we had an amazing storm about 1am which added a further 50ml. The water is a dirty brown colour and there are logs, sticks and lots of flotsam. The Easter break is just a few days away and we still have dirty brown water coming down from the catchment. So is swimming...

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bobreidSun, 28/03/2021 - 10:42pm

This animal was seen last Saturday 23 March near 110 Cove Boulevarde at about noon.

Is it someone's pet, or a dingo? Does anyone know and can answer the riddle?

We do know that dingo's have been spotted in the bush near Goorengi Road and this animal might be one of them. 

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mpicklesMon, 20/02/2012 - 9:24am

Migrating wader birds in the Cove

Small numbers of Bar Tailed Godwits who live in the arctic tundra of Siberia and Alaska in the Northern Hemisphere summer and in Australia during our summer have been in the cove for the past few months. In early summer there was a group of 4 and now there are 8! There are hundreds of godwits currently living in the Kooragang Island wetlands and Stockton sands after considerable effort by volunteers to preserve the habitats. The Godwits share the amazing East Asian- Australian Flyway migratory path with about 55 other wading birds. Tracking...