New Tank for the Community Centre

mpicklesSat, 14/12/2019 - 8:05am


The Community Garden Group celebrated the end of the year with a lively gathering of old and new members. They are are putting forward a submission for a new tank to be used by the Community Centre including the garden. The prolonged droughts over the last few years in the spring and summer periods have meant that water scarce. This year it is more limiting for the garden. The price of veges in the shops has rised dramaticly with chokos now more than $7 a kilo. The Garden grows sustainable crops so that there are always greens available. However this year has been the most taxing with no rain since August. A new tank would provide enough water to keep more veges alive and also provide for increased demand at the Community Centre with the Coffee shop and other activities.

The group has some funds and will be submitting to the Hall Committee and NACRA for donations and if necessary apply for funding. Approximately $5000 is needed to buy and install a 50,000 litre tank.


Thank you to all our sponsors including

Barneys Water Tank Cleaning