The Aussie Pumps bushfire survival guide

By bobreid, 8 November, 2023
Fire fighting pump

I need to buy a new fire fighting pump. The one I have now is 25 plus years old and is very hard to start and could not be relied on in a bushfire emergency.

To find a suitable one I have been searching online, and one of the websites I looked at was for Aussie Pumps. On their website I found a document titled "Aussie Pumps New Bushfire Survival Guide" that could be downloaded.

It is a 12 page document that contains lots of information on bushfire survival including:

  • bushfire ratings
  • fight or flight
  • property fire protection
  • preparation check lists
  • sprinkler systems
  • sprinkler system installation
  • pump selection
  • stay and defend checklist

I thought it was a useful guide and that Aussie Pumps wouldn't mind if I placed it on our website so readers could download it.

The Aussie Pumps web address is, and they have dealers at close by at Thornton and Beresfield.

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