Bushfire Meeting Update

mpicklesSun, 10/11/2019 - 6:40pm

Bushfire Survival at North Arm Cove

ON Saturday at the Bushfire Meeting John Altonnen Captain of the Local Bridgade brought Cove residents up to date with planning for leaving the Cove in case of a Bushfire.

The information is available on the web  at https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/plan-and-prepare/bush-fire-survival-plan

Residents need to talk with their families and make arrangements to leave early should there be a danger of fire.

The alert levels are available on the RFS App – Fires near me. Stay up to date also with ABC Radio and TV.

If you decide to stay and defend your home you need to be certain that you have enough water, your own source of power as the power may go early. See the info on the website.

Residents are encouraged to be in touch with the neighbours especially those who do not use technology and keep them up to date in case of a fire and find out what their plans are particularly if planning to leave.

Some of the most recent fatalities occurred as people left late and drove into the fire. There was also one tragic incident where a neighbour ran up the road to try to stop someone leaving in a car and both were caught in the fire.

Residents may receive an Emergency Alert  by telephone  land line or mobile about evacuation and also the SES may be around to assist.


Note the Fire Brigade is not responsible for evacuations and plans this is the responsibility of RFS and other authorities.

If you find yourself caught here and need to evacuate by water you can Contact Dave Read who will be in touch with water services. David Read 0415966244


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