Council Rates

janinerThu, 20/05/2021 - 12:04pm

At the last NACCAi meeting Councillor Len Roberts was asked about rates.

MidCoast Council is currently reviewing all rates in a process called rates harmonisation. The amalgamation of three councils has led to a complicated rating system. This has been reviewed and a single rating system will replace the old system in July 2021. According to Council, there will be no changes or even a decrease for 80% of landowners.

There is more information plus a rates calculator on Council’s website. Go to

We used the calculator for our property as well as the property across the road. On today’s land values, it looks like we will get a 4% to 6% reduction in rates. 

Last year a few of us on the northern part of Cove Boulevarde objected to our land valuations from the Valuer General. At least three of us were successful. Today I had a phone call from Council to say we will get a $311 credit on our next rates notice. There will not be another opportunity to object until 2023 when the next valuation is done. However, the way our values were recalculated should be applied to all similar properties in 2023 and hopefully there will be no need for anyone to object. With the property market so hot at the moment, I suspect that our 2023 valuations will be much higher, but not as high as they would have been if some of us had not objected last year.


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