MidCoast Council - waterways and rural zones in rural strategy submissions being considered at this month's Council meeting

By bobreid, 24 July, 2022

At Council's Ordinary meeting this coming week (Wednesday 27 July) Council will be considering rural strategy submisions on:

  • A. Waterway Zones – zone criteria, land uses and development standards; and
  • B. Rural Zones – zone criteria, land uses and development standards. 

The minutes for the meeting contain a detailed report on these zones, together with responses to these submissions and details of any proposed changes to the Rural Strategy as a result of them.

Waterways zones are generally applied to rivers, coastal waters and coastal lakes from the local government area boundary to the tidal extent of their tributaries. There were only a small number of submissions on Waterways zones.

There were a large number of submissions on Rural zones, so this section of the report is divided into five themes:

1. State Agency submissions

2. Application of the Rural Zone

3. Rural Zone Land Uses

4. Minimum Lot Size

5. Infrastructure and Access

I have attached a copy of the meeting agenda for those who are interested in reading it. The report on the rural strategy is on pages 31 - 49.

It is expected that the report on paper subdivision submissions will be considered at either the August or September Council meeting, and the final report to adopt the rural strategy will be at the September meeting.



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