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The following article is from our Karuah GP, Dr Hennes.

I know you may be reading this thinking, 'this is just another article on the magical power of exercise', and you are right! There have been all too many articles that state another 'new' 'better' method of walking. Which quite frankly, justifies how you feel right now, I agree.

What if I guaranteed, that after you read the short few lines to follow, that I will absolutely change the way you see the world of exercise? 

Very well, I will continue to tell you.

The first benefit is the psychology of exercise. Before we get started on all of the squats and weights, you must understand that in training your brain to repetitively do a task, you form neural pathways and a release of neurotransmitters (the messengers in your brain) and you subsequently build self-control.

Now you will ask, how is this beneficial? I will reveal this in just a moment.

Ok, so, the second benefit of exercise, is that you will feel better! You will have your own naturally released anti-depressant! How you may ask? Well, this is simple. When you put your body under stress, your body begins to react in a similar manner to when you hurt yourself. 

However, it does not immediately hurt, why? Because there are chemicals that are released when (and only when) you undergo repetitive, consistent body stress. I must mention that this is physical stress, and not the type you get when you remember how much work you have to do before the weekend!

Now, what are these chemicals you wonder? These are THC, and Endorphins, the same chemicals that are released from taking cannabis and heroin! Before you start panicking the next time you exercise and get pulled over by the police for a drug test, I will tell you that these chemicals are from YOUR own body! They are natural. After a few regular sessions of exercise, you will feel blissful, happy, relaxed, all thanks to these two chemicals which are 100% NATURAL.

All this brings me to the third and final reason why you should start a routine exercise program today, a POSITIVE cycle! I promised you that I will explain how self-control is a benefit of exercise. As you are probably puzzled as to where I am going with this, I will take you at this moment out of your misery.
SELF-CONTROL will allow you to not only wake up, and succeed in that routine run you have been 'meaning' to do for the past 5 years, more so, when you want to eat that fresh smelling pizza, or sleep in instead of doing the gardening, or work, or whatever tickles your fancy, YOU WILL DO IT!

You have the self-control, the will, the energy, and the smarts.


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