Report from the Southern Area Reference Group


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SARG Report

The Southern Area Reference Group meets the 1st Friday of every month. NACCAi is represented on this group at present by Maria Pickles. Other groups may also attend the meeting.

The main focus of this groupo has been monitoring works requests to council for works that have been on the books for a long time. Now that these works are up to date the focus has now changed to community planning for the southern area of MCC with the outcome of providing a strategy to identify and agree on priorities and apply for works and funding for the area. Note that with the addition of Taree and Glouscester the competition for funding will be greater and it is important that the communities are well prepared with plans.

Some of the villages have already started community plans. A planning template will be made available for community groups to start the process. The Community Engagement team will be meeting with SARG in March or April. Len Roberts is working towards the community plans to be completed in the next few months.

Community Plans are guided by the MCC Strategic Plan.

Implications for North Arm Cove

All groups in the North Arm Cove area will be involved in the consultation. Consultations will not be held for one particular group. Plans developed will be for the locality not just part of the geographical area. This means that the Non Urban Residents, Rural Residents and Commercial owners will be involved in the planning of and endorsing of the priorities. The plans will back up the priorities for already submitting for grants.

The North Arm Cove area map with boundaries has been requested from Paul DeSezell Manager for Planning. Len Roberts has provided an outline that will include NAC Village, NAC Non Urban Area, Hunterview Residents, Carrington and the Rock. Note that the area to the north of the Rock is not included.

The Survey conducted by NACRA and the 355 Hall Committee has identified priorities for the plan for the NAC Village.

The Community Engagement meeting which can be iniatited soon should include all residents, non urban landholders and rural landholders and the owners at the Rock, should they like to attend. It is suggested that a community BBQ inviting all residents in the areas be conducted as a community consultation in the next few months. All groups of North Arm Cove are invited. 

Current Report and Requests

Drainage Clearing all drains along Cove Boulevarde, Water St high side, Water St. Big drain on the water, Promontory Way. Any other requests should be sent to Maria Pickles ASAP to include in the request. Once the request is made it is allocated and the work completed.

Note that the NAC Drainage Plan stated that residents should clear their own drains, this does not apply to the drains which capture debris and water from the whole street.

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