By Loal Conroy, 14 November, 2023
termites spawning

Termites spawning...  
Author: Trever Vandenberg ... Over the last few weeks termites have begun to spawn..., not only throughout the non urban area ...as I have seen remnants within the village.  They grow wings and in the night breeze, fly to any intended target in which they land, lose their wings and begin to nest. Often you can see the beginnings of a nest by upturning any timber/wood pile that may be lying around the yard.., usually the bottom row.  They do get attracted to light so if you have a night burner outside - place a water bowl underneath and you will see if any have visited as they lose their wings when they touch base.   Concerns are  that they can get into the subframe of the house through intricate gaps around the boarding, through the eaves ...if you deal with them immediately, it saves a lot... especially when they have had time to feast.  I normally spray with Mortein.  However, what you use is your prerogative. Good luck everyone.

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