Vale Kate Milford

mpicklesThu, 12/11/2020 - 5:16am

Vale Kate Milford, OAM

25.12.1950 - 8.11.2020

The Myall Community is saddened by the death of Kate Milford who was an outstanding leader, participant and supporter of many organisations in the Hunter Region. Kate was known for her wit, engagement and true altruism. Memories of Kate will last forever for her close family especially her partner Barry Young, her daughter Jo, partner Matt and granddaughter Charlotte, brothers and sister.

The Community acknowledges her contributions and most of all her love for life and the many friends, family and others she touched along the way.

Many of us will remember her celebration in 2017 at the North Arm Cove Community Centre when Kate showed appreciation for the community support she had along the way in fighting multiple myeloma which had destroyed her kidneys and made her dependent on chemo. Her best friend told Kate ‘if she hadn’t been so pig-headed, practical, positive and pragmatic she may not have been able to hold the ‘celebration of her life’. All donations raised that day were sent to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Kate moved to the Cove with her partner Barry Young in 2010 with her partner Barry Young and was active in local groups including Lions, Probis, Fellowship of Australian Writers NAC.Her career in volunteering began much earlier in the Hunter Region as a fundraising coordinator for Hunter Prelude Early Intervention Centre, caring for young children.  Kate was an energetic initiator of many community projects which were sustained for years including Kurri Kurri Neighbourhood Watch and Kurri Kurri Tidy Towns Committee. She has had an outstanding journey with Lions Australia and International Lions.  

Kate has been acknowledged with a number of significant awards such as;

Order of Australia Medal for outstanding community service Australia Day, January 26, 2015
Melvin Jones Fellowship the highest award in Lions for her dedicated humanitarian services, and other district awards,
Port Stephens Local Woman of the Year in 2014, and,
Apex Kurri Kurri Citizen of the Year award in 1992.

Kate was much loved and highly respected for her achievements and her stoicism and generosity, including her 4 year battle with cancer. She is now at peace, leaving behind her a legacy of incredible humanitarian service much admired by those who knew her.

Two weeks ago she was able to spend some time with close friends at Barrington who organised an early 70th birthday celebration to celebrate friendship of over 30 years. In true form Kate has been known to give us words to keep close, such as “ time can be cruel, girlfriends are beautiful”.

 On the day before she died Kate was participating at the Convention for Lions held at Maitland, and convened by Barry. She acknowledged all who knew her many as Lions District Governor and she had worked alongside members for many hours over many years. This was a special gift for Lions members.

The large Probis Membership at Tea Gardens/ Hawkes Nest remember Kate had a gift for writing and if there was a small timeslot at Probis Monthly Meetings that needed filling she would entertain with her poetry and other stories. Those lucky enough to have been present on those occasions appreciated her wonderful talent. Kate will be very much missed.

A memorial for Kate will be held however due to Covid restrictions numbers are limited.

Barry thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and condolences for Kates passing. Community members may wish to attend but cannot, however a livestream of the service will be provided from 1 pm Monday 16 November 2020/

You may view on the day or it will be recorded and available for viewing for 2 weeks after.


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