Changes to the Car Parking and Beautification of the Community Centre Grounds

mpicklesSat, 06/02/2021 - 6:38am

In September 2020 the Community Centre Committee and Garden Group started to put together a proposal for car parking and beaufication of the Community Centre Grounds.

The changes have been discussed at the Tennis Club, NACCAi and with all the user groups of the Centre.

Mid Coast Council Traffic Committee and Halls Manager have approved the changes.

Attached are the final drawings beautifully produced by local architect and active community volunteer Rob Van DeZeilt.

Reminder of the main goals of this project;

1. Using the car parking area at the back of the hall which was inclluded in 2 projects, Give us a Heart and Give us Light managed by NACRA at the time under Doug Kohloff need to be used otherwise this work will deteriorate and go back to bush.

2. Safety - there are more familes and children iwho live n the Cove or visit the Cove to use the play equipment, the garden and surrounds. It is safer for vehicles to be parked at the back of the Community Centre.

3. Preservation of the environment around the Centre, particulalry the mahogany trees.

4. Revamping the entrance to the hall to make it more welcoming and in keeping with the Village.

5. Stopping large trucks and other vehicles from parking in the area and damaging the tree roots.

6. Access issues: This includes safety for people and children using mobility aids, and reducing trip hazard. A drop off zone will remain at the front of the Centre, one designation space will be available near the pergola, and 4 spaces near the kitchen.

So where to from now?

1. The Car Parking area will be pegged out using the boundaries of the plans with stakes and tape in the next week. The changes are listed for discussion at the NACCAi meeting on 13 Feb 2020.

2. Uptake in the change of habits may be slow however we are positive that the changes will be positive in the long term.

3. Users of the centre can provide feedback and drop into the Community Centre letterbox or email the secretary Loal Conroy.

4. Committee members will be watching how it all works.

5. A final review will be made before the request for bollards and a barrier than can be opened for services is installed.

Maria Pickles

President NACCC

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