Community Centre Committee says goodbye to inaugural members

mpicklesSat, 14/12/2019 - 7:53am


The end of year meeting of the 355 Hall Committee celebrated more than 20 years of service by Maureen Kelly and Moira Hooper as they confirmed thier resignations to move onto new lives. A painting of the hall by Julie Savage who has recently left the Cove was presented by Maureen Kelly and depicts the original founding members cleaning the hall and lighting a fire. They will be both missed for thier determination and persistence over the years and of course the annual events which were enjoyed by many in the Cove.

The new Committee has an injection of new members making the total to 8. Members to manage the Community Centre. Barry Young, Maria Pickles, Loal Conroy, Lorriane Zions, John Fisk, Elizabeth Deane, Robyn Gee, Jan Walker and Trish Parnell. The Committee will meet in February to confirm the positions and start planning for 2020. One of the main projects will be opening a community coffee shop and starting new activities such as a parents and childrens group, and learning groups for computing and health.

If anyone is interested in being part of this dynamic team you can join by phoning Maria Pickles 0424140356.



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