Community Support for Upgrade of Power and Water to the Community Centre

mpicklesSat, 19/09/2020 - 8:22am

The Community Center Committee has been asked by Council to prepare a submission for upgrading of the electricity to the Center and an additional water tank. The submission will be made to the Office of Gambling Community Infrastructure Fund.

The upgrade of electricity to the Center has been on the agenda at Council for more than 2 years. Council have not been able to source funds for the upgrade which amounts to around $45,000.

We need the upgrade to provide enough electricity at the Center to operate, stoves, fridges, air conditioners, BBQ and minor appliances. Outside lighting is also needed as the solar lights do not provide enough light in the car parking area for disabled and those with compromised sight in the evenings.

We will also need this upgrade to operate the coffee shop and still have the kitchen and other areas available.

The upgrade will set the Centre up for future additions of activities and hiring for the community groups.

An additional tank is needed to ensure we have water in long periods of drought and to cater for disaster relief. The tank would also provide enough water to maintain a smaller part of the Community Garden during drought periods.

As the submission develops over the next few weeks we will be asking for demonstration of community support for the project.

We will post a survey on this page to gather some feedback and also have a survey at the hall for users.

Any other ideas are welcomed to support this important upgrade for our Center


Thank you to all our sponsors including