By Loal Conroy, 28 August, 2023
eftpos machine

Technology to NAC

For as long as I have lived in this beautiful slice of paradise, I have struggled with mobile / wi-fi signals.  Some carriers work better than others and now, with NBN on the scene, networking has improved somewhat.

With the advent of becoming an increasing ‘cashless’ society, Coffee in the Cove would welcome the opportunity to utilise an eftpos machine to manage charges.  However, with the lack of a constant 3G signal at the Community Centre - customers are often left ‘high and dry’ (excuse the pun) when not carrying cash and we are unable to offer ‘tap-and-go’.

Between December 2023 and September 2024, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will close their 3G networks to make room for new, faster services. The 3G network shutdown will affect vital equipment and services… but where does that leave regional areas like ours?

North Arm Cove (NAC) Community Centre Management Committee (S355) have looked at various alternatives to source a solution – and are currently looking at satellite internet (Skymesh) in the hope that 21st century technology finally arrives in our village… fingers crossed!

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