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Clean up and make over mpicklesThu, 25/06/2020 - 5:53pm

The Community Centre is beng transformed to a contemporary look.

Painters have been working on the main Hall and given the walls a big lift with white paint all round. 

The management committee was anticipating that MCC would be opening halls in line with the NSW Gov Covid plans, however this is delayed. The recent outbreak in Victoria will likely impact on the strategies for safety in NSW and local areas.

The Committee has prepared Covid Safe plans for the whole of the centre in line with the regulations and will be providing assistance to all convenors for training in conducting meetings and other activities. The Committee anticipates that local small gatherings will be allowed as soon as possible to alleviate mental health issues and the need for social, and physical activities.

Until the Covid Plans for the Community Centre are finalised and approved the Centre including the Hall is not open. Although bookings can be made for August / September in preparation for opening there is not confirmation at this stage.

Apologies for the previous posting on this site for planning to take bookings from the 6 July. In the meantime keep safe, wash hands regularly and follow the guidelines for testing COVID testing.





Starting with the ceiling




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