By Loal Conroy, 21 June, 2024

FABULOUS turn out for the North Arm Cove Working Bee… the Community Garden Group rallied on Wednesday 19th June … pruning trees, clearing, weeding, mulching the front … looks amazing - huge thank you to Patty & Bill Moller, Terri & Jonathan Horton, Colin & Jenny, Philippa and Rob Vandzliet.

Thursday 20 June… another huge turn out of volunteers to clean both kitchens, cull surplus equipment (I swear it breeds in the cupboards), erect new outside table / bench and re-site one existing, paint and erect (partially) new sign at front of the precinct and pressure washed both ramps, pathways, pergola and toilet block areas…. many thanks to Jan Walker, Robyn Gee, Trish Parnell, Ira Knight, Terri & Jonathan Horton, Colin, Rob Vandzliet, Bob & Janine Reid and John Fisk…. all worked tirelessly… very much appreciated… what a community spirit!

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