North Arm Cove in 1952

janinerSun, 15/08/2021 - 4:22pm

Nine years ago, Patricia Neal  wrote an article in the Newcastle Family History Journal about her memories of her family buying a block of land at North Arm Cove in 1952 and building a holiday home by the water. I have attached a PDF of this article.

In 1952 there were about 30 houses. Access to North Arm Cove from the south was via a ferry at Hexham and a punt at Karuah. There was no nearby Pacific Highway - it went north via The Buckett's Way - and the roads to Karuah and North Arm Cove were rough country roads and tracks. Patricia's first impressions of North Arm Cove were poor-"drizzly rain, tide out, rows of ugly derelict oyster rock leases half submerged in the dark mud and coarse sand".

The home remained in the family for 55 years and all the family loved the place. Lockdown might just be the right time to read all about Patricia's memories of the Cove.

Thank you to Patricia and the Newcastle Family History Society for giving me permission to reproduce this article.