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Trish Peters has tragically passed away after a long battle with cancer and her funeral on 12 June was very well attended by her Cove and other friends. A wake at the Community Hall drew a large crowd of supporters for husband Dick and their extended family, many from Albury.

Trish was a country girl who was heavily involved with the community in her time at the Cove. She was an actor in the Theatre Group, loved Stitchgathers, worked on the Hall Committee, worked for Council at Tea Gardens for a time but her first love was tennis.

Trish was a latecomer to the game but took to it with a passion, despite often playing in pain from her back/spinal problems and "creaky joints" as she called them. She asked that her lack of mobility be countered with a request to be allowed two bounces of the ball, rather than one for us mere mortals.The arrangement worked well, particularly as her fitness improved. Over time her mobility and shots improved to the point where she was competitive with most of the Saturday/Monday social players and was planning to try her hand at the Hawks Nest ladies group earlier this year. Unfortunately cancer again emerged, restricting her tennis severely while she commenced treatment.

Trish was a committee person and as a book keeper she excelled, being Treasurer of the various groups she became involved with. As Treasurer of the North Arm Cove Tennis Club she ran a tight ship with no room for error, which is how it should be when dealing with public money.

A decision was made in April to award Trish a Life Membership to the Tennis Club, in recognition of her long and valuable service to the game and our community. Fortunately we were able to give her the news before she passed away and husband Dick said it bought a smile to her face when things were grim in hospital.

Trish was an outstanding member of the North Arm Cove community and will be sorely missed.

Peter Chappelow

President NACTC

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