What is Cove Spice?

Cove Spice is a simple word puzzle. You are given an introductory phrase plus two highlighted words like this ...

cove spice

Your challenge is

to take the letters from one of those highlighted words,
add just a single letter,
then rearrange those letters
to form a new word which is somehow related to the other word.

The new and unchanged words might mean much the same (like large and big) or perhaps the opposite (like tall and short). They might be a pair of words that often go together (like salt and pepper or rocky road) or it may be that one of the words will be a specific example of the other. For example, if the clue words were COVE and SPICE then we could take the word COVE, add the letter L and then rearrange the letters C O V E L to form the word CLOVE which is used as a SPICE. Most Cove Spice puzzles are not as straightforward as that though!

There could of course be more than one answer - but in this puzzle you need to find the word that we were thinking of!
Type your guess into the box and then press the Check button to see if you are right.

Warning: That introductory phrase may be a clue to assist or it may be there just to confuse you!