Great NBN offer for Cove Residents - NBN live in May!


Jim ParnellSaturday, 11 January 2020 - 9:25am

NBN is coming!  Switching on in Early May

NACCAi has been communicating with different Telcos to find the best deal possible for the Cove.   I have been told that the NBN will become live on 5th May this year.

A number of Telcos were not interested in speaking with us and said go to their website and look at the plans.

After a number of calls to different companies we have been offered a pretty good plan by “More Telecom” 

The deal comprises:

No cost standard set up
Free Modem
Unlimited data @ 23Mbps
$49.95 per month – this price may drop if big numbers sign up.

This offer does not include a phone line – however a phone line is available for slightly more for those that want one.

Feel free to look around and see if anyone can find a better deal.

We need an indication of who would be interested in signing on to this offer – in other words,
we need to know numbers to lock in a price.

Anyone interested in coming on-board for this offer please email asap.

Follow link below for ter

Jim Parnell
President NACCAi

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