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mareli121Tue, 22/09/2020 - 7:14pm

A bit early this year, but fireflies can be observed in the back blocks of the Cove between 6 and 7pm. They can be seen along the trails parallel to Cove Blvd - not many, but they are there. 

I note that the fireflies are not present on blocks that have been clear felled, slashed and fenced, even after this was done after 4 years,  but the little Fireflies / beetles maybe found on surrounding dense bush.    

bobreidTue, 22/09/2020 - 9:44am

MidCoast Council is currently working on a project to develop a clear, consistent, region-wide planning framework. This project is called "Zoning in on our future", and it started in early 2020.

This needs to be done since the amalgamation of the three Councils (Great Lakes, Greater Taree and Gloucester) in 2016 to form MidCoast Council left Council with three different planning frameworks.

mpicklesSat, 19/09/2020 - 8:22am

The Community Center Committee has been asked by Council to prepare a submission for upgrading of the electricity to the Center and an additional water tank. The submission will be made to the Office of Gambling Community Infrastructure Fund.

The upgrade of electricity to the Center has been on the agenda at Council for more than 2 years. Council have not been able to source funds for the upgrade which amounts to around $45,000.

We need the upgrade to provide enough electricity at the Center to operate, stoves, fridges, air conditioners, BBQ and minor appliances. Outside lighting is...

DejanFri, 18/09/2020 - 10:32pm

Draft LSPS for MCC has been advertised for comments during July and August. Of 21 submissions received five were related to North Arm Cove.

LSPS will be put for adoption to Council on the meeting next Wednesday (23rd Sept).

These are the issues related to NAC

Issue 1: North Arm Cove needs to be considered in the LSPS in terms of: (Submission 1, 2, 10, 15, 17)

bobreidTue, 15/09/2020 - 9:22pm

MidCoast Council prepared a comprehensive stormwater management strategy for North Arm Cove in 2017. Drainage works undertaken in the Cove are based on this strategy. 

Council has now published the strategy on its web site.

It can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

DejanSat, 12/09/2020 - 10:58am

This comming week is a release date for Ken Follet's latest book "The Evening and the Morning", a prequel to what was an amzing trilogy so far, about fictional town in medieval England - Kingsbridge.