Invitation to NACCAi OGM 11th November 2023 2pm Community Hall

By BruceKerryHead, 6 November, 2023

To all Residents of NORTH ARM COVE. The President and Committee members invite you all to the last OGM in 2023 for NACCAi.


It has been a busy year for all involved in trying to improve the lifestyle available to all Residents. 


Amongst many of the Improvements achieved this year by all groups within the village are the following:

  1. The improvements  made to the Community Hall by the Hall Committee
  2. The Potting shed nearing completion by members of the Gardening Group
  3. The completion of a Storage Shed by the Tennis Group
  4. The clearing of weeds and noxious bushes in the Heros Beach area after persistent efforts by NACCAi to have MCC address these areas for upgrade
  5. The allocation by MCC to do upgrades to Heros Beach area in conjunction with input from all residents within the cove in 2024
  6. The completion of the Bush fire awareness subcommittee
  7. The completion of the NAC Residents Information Booklet by all the interest groups in NAC working together to produce this booklet
  8. The upgrading of the NAC website to an improved operating system and a general upgrade in appearance for our website
  9. The upgrade and completion of drainage issues that have plagued residents for years, after many years of NACCAi pursuing MCC.


Many other results have been achieved and planning for future improvements are underway.


We would like to thank all who were involved, in any way, in making NORTH ARM COVE a better place, by the many projects completed by all groups.


We invite you to stay at the completion of the meeting , to chat with  your neighbor's new and old , and to enjoy a coffee or tea 


Bruce Head


North Arm Cove Community Association Inc

Phone: 0477777917


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