The Passion of North Arm Cove


Darrall ThompsonMonday, 16 March 2020 - 1:41pm

The passion that people feel for the place they live is variable… but whether temporary or long term we are actually living together. The work on the constitution was amazing and we should thank all those who tried…  but maybe it’s too difficult at the moment (like it seems to be for the Federal Government!)… Perhaps like-minded project-based groupings may be the way of the future… such as the many successful groups we already have. Read More for a reminder list about what we are all guaranteed to have in common: North Arm Cove​

  • Only 30 minutes drive from top restaurants, café’s, pubs, swimming pools, medical centres, schools, shops, banks, ferries, beaches and an international airport.
  • An impressive range of trees, birds, wildlife and walkable bushland but just 5 minutes from the main highway.
  • A regular bus service so that young families with children are able to travel to school.
  • We are part of the Great Lakes Marine Park with healthy dolphins, turtles, fish and aquaculture.
  • We are drinking and showering with water that is not recycled or processed with chlorine and other chemicals (as long as it keeps raining !).
  • We have a Community hall available with a stage and top quality kitchen, pizza oven, bbq, parking and play park for children.
  • The Cove was designed by the famous Walter Burley Griffin who also designed Canberra and parts of Sydney and Melbourne.
  • As well as hundreds of non-urban blocks and gravel roads there is a certified ‘First Nation’ Worimi indigenous site.
  • We will have Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) NBN from May (perhaps) increasing speed of access to friends and family without the need to travel.

The idea of like-minded groups may lead to new ones that could be formed like The Oyster Liaison Group, The Cove News & Web Communications Group, The Non-Urban Liaison Group, The Children’s Activities Group, The Landcare Group, The Neighbourhood Watch Group, The Elders of the Cove Group and importantly The Getting Grants from Council Group that under different names have been successful over the years!

With Warmth and Value,
Darrall Thompson (long-term, till the end resident)


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