Why You Should Vote YES! A Blueprint for the future.


Time to Move Ahead in the CoveJim ParnellWed, 08/01/2020 - 7:55pm

As President of ACCAi I thought I should address some of the different narratives going around in relation to the upcoming vote on the Constitution for North Arm Cove.  The executive’s goal is to have an all-inclusive constitution which caters for the future while dealing with the current issues.

Myself and the other executive members are not in favour of creating a constitution that creates different classes of members.  That is to say members that have more rights or less rights then other members.  We are strongly against creating divisions within our community – where would it end?

Urban land owners Vs non-urban land owners?
Waterfront homes vs High side homes?
Cove Side Vs Heros Beach Side?
Permanent residents Vs Non-Permanent residents?

There was a push for a voting system where members are divided into grouos and a motion can only be passed if over 50% of each group vote yes. This spits the community. The executive rejected.  One might ask if the Non-Permanent residents should have the same voting rights as permanent residents.  What is the Non-Permanent residents got together and out voted the permanent residents or had proposals that the permanent residents were not in favour of?

There are over 400 people in North Arm Cove area defined for planning purposes.

341 house holds however many are not occupied for all the year.   In the village the Cove News was delivered to 260 households.

By making the decision to include the North Arm locality as the neighbourhood for the Association, we are aligning the community planning with the planning for Council, which is seeking Community Strategic Plans. The strategies for this engagement of residents and landholders from the wider area will include invitations to meetings. This process will give the Community Plan more strength.

 What do we want to protect? If we wto protect our village lifestyle we are in a better postion being united.

Paul DeSezel Director of Planning Mid Coast Council provided advice to NACRA on several occasions in the last 12 months that there will be no development of the paper estate blocks as per the plan. MCC favours 5 acre blocks only.

I understand that in the past, it was the Village Association, but it is not now.  We call ourselves “North Arm Cove Community Association Incorporated”  If we are to be North Arm Cove Community Association – let’s be that.  The executive is not interested in saying to anyone that you live in the area known as North Arm Cove, but we have decided that you live to far from the village to listen to anything you might have to contribute.

We are seeking a blue print for the future of North Arm Cove – Where will we be in 20 to 30 years time?  Where will we be in 10 years time?

The fear mongering that the Cove will end up full of shipping containers is ludicrous.  There are enough hawks in the cove that any illegal containers will quickly be reported to MCC for removal.

There are more serious issues, such as assisting to get blocks in the RU 2 zone cleared in preparation for bush fures and setting up a system for evacuation. 

There are also sections particularly raparian zones covered under LE P that need to be protected. 

The non-urban landowners in NACCAi want to construct eco homes that protect the environment - Who are we to say they cannot pursue that endeavour?  I believe we that as a community should be supportive of this.

It appears to me that NACRA/NACCAi has been bound up with in-fighting for decades, this saps the energy and enthusiasm from members and the community. 

Why is it that Pindimar has about 1/3 the population of the Cove – yet it has 3 boat ramps?  

When the current executive took over NACRA was just about on its way out.  Now we have a very strong and vibrant membership.  Contrary to a recent post on the website, over 60% of the current executive is planning to stay, including the Secretary and the treasurer.  I am reluctantly leaving due to a conflict of interest that if I could resolve I would remain. 

These two are very dedicated people.  The Secretary is not only involved in NACCRAi, but is part of the Community Hall and Garden Committees and it disappointing and offends me when she is denigrated in posts on the website.

Finally, I would ask you to vote yes for the new constitution and do not become swayed or confused by the negative narratives that are about.

Jim Parnell
Presiden NACCAi


















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