Crab Trap Rules

janinerMon, 06/04/2020 - 12:20pm

We let this crab go free
Blue swimmer crab at North Arm Cove

We are all looking for activities that may be carried out whilst social distancing rules are in place. Fishing is one activity that some of us may wish to undertake. This includes setting crab traps and a fishing licence is required.

There are specific restrictions in place in Port Stephens for crab traps. This is to reduce marine turtle interactions. Crabs may be taken using modified hoop and lift nets. No part of the net can be suspended above the hoop after the net is set. The nets are only allowed to be used between sunrise and sunset. If using a crab trap, all entrances are to be less than 320mm. All nets and traps must be labelled. 

Full details and diagrams are avaliable in a PDF at

Non compliant crab traps may be confiscated and there is a fine if the owner can be traced.

Remember that there are Marine Sanctuary Zones in Port Stephens where crab nets and traps are prohibitted. For further details go to 




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