janinerTue, 24/12/2019 - 2:54pm
Oyster basket

The oyster farmers have asked us to report any infrastructure that washes ashore off their leases. They will then come and collect their infrastructure. The infrastructure has a dollar value to the oyster farmers but left loose in the water it is a source of pollution, so it is in everyone's interests for the debris to be collected. The basket in the photo washed ashore in early December. It had about two hundred immature oysters which are worth about 0.75c each when mature.

The oyster farmers also asked us to let them know if there is any damage to...

janinerMon, 06/04/2020 - 12:20pm
We let this crab go free

We are all looking for activities that may be carried out whilst social distancing rules are in place. Fishing is one activity that some of us may wish to undertake. This includes setting crab traps and a fishing licence is required.

There are specific restrictions in place in Port Stephens for crab traps. This is to reduce marine turtle interactions. Crabs may only be taken using modified hoop and lift nets. No part of the net can be suspended above the hoop after the net is set. All entrances are to be less than 320mm and the nets are...

mareli121Wed, 04/03/2020 - 10:55am

Many thanks to those 12 souls who came along to the 2020 North Arm Cove Clean Up Australia event on the 1st of March. I take off my hat to those that routinely pick up rubbish throughout the year,

janinerFri, 14/02/2020 - 5:34pm
Black Plastic Casing from Oyster Pole.

Below is a message from Matt at XLOysters:

The Port Stephens Oyster farmers are conducting a shoreline clean up on Friday 21st February.
We have multiple sites around the Port, and North Arm Cove is one of them.
We are aware that there may be some rubbish that has washed up on the shoreline. The purpose of our clean up is to clean not only oyster waste but any waste that may have made its way to your shoreline.
If residents have rubbish on the shoreline by the afternoon of Thursday 20th, we will...

nigeltFri, 14/02/2020 - 4:20pm

Solitude.  A recent mid-afternoon, scrambling precariously across the fractured rock headland just east of Balberook Creek. Barely a breeze, patchily overcast, gently warm – a welcome relief from the preceding days and weeks. Slowly descending towards the sandy cove a shallow dome interrupts its sharply angled surrounds. Lodged firmly against a rock face, one sadly departed turtle; green by name, but coyly sheltering behind chelonia mydas.

mpicklesMon, 09/12/2019 - 7:05am

MCC has provided an updated map of Council owned properties in the North Arm Cove area.

The map was requested to identify areas that may have conservation potential, however also provides other possibilities.

mpicklesThu, 28/11/2019 - 6:45am

Landcare and Midcoast Council along with NSW Land Services provided a workshop on Harmony with Habitat with Mat Bell Senior Ecologist MCC and Scott Meier BARRC Bush Regeneration at the Community Centre 22 November.

Over 45 residents and locals from Hawkes Nest and Newcastle areas attended. Understanding and assessing habitat health was explained by Matt Bell. We live in a very diverse and healthy area, with rare pockets of littoral rainforest and populations of rare and endangered species such as Notable threatened species include koalas, glossy black-cockatoos, squirrel gliders, powerful owls, swift parrots, wallum froglets and white-bellied...

mpicklesWed, 13/11/2019 - 1:45pm

There are still some vacancies for the habitat workshop Friday 22 November.

Please wear long sleeves, long pants, hat and bring water. Insect repellent and sun screen is advised.

Reigster now with joel.dunn@glcr.org.au

mpicklesSun, 10/11/2019 - 6:58pm

Over 55 residents attended the Consultation with Oyster Farming Stakeholders on Friday 25 October at the Community Centre in North Arm Cove.

The meeting was held to inform residents about Oyster Farming as required under the Good Neighgourhood Policy of the 2016 Oyster Strategy.]

Guests included;

Ian Lyall Program, Leader Aquaculture NSW, DPI
Rob Peever, District Fisheries Officer, NSW DPI
Representatives from XL Oysters OL86/140
Representatives from Sweetwater Oysters OL86/138 §
Malcolm Hunter and Georgina Martin, Environmental Health Coordinators, MidCoast Council
Mark Bulley Regional Coordinator NSW...

mpicklesTue, 15/10/2019 - 12:47pm

Landcare and North Arm Cove Community have been lucky to put together an opportunity for residents and visitors to hear from the Chief Ecologist Mid Coast Council Matt Bell and Scott Meier BARRC Bushland Regenerator about how to care for habitat in our area.

There will be presentations and on site visits in the Cove with morning tea.

We hope to see you there and have a way of working together in our backyards and around the cove.

If you would like to register please contact

Joël Dunn

Local Landcare Coordinator...



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