Draft NSW Mainland Marine Park Network Management Plan 2021-2031

janinerThu, 13/01/2022 - 4:30pm

General information is available about the Draft NSW Mainland Marine Park Network Management Plan on the Have Your Say website and on the DPI website. The information is mostly promotional. I had trouble locating the actual draft management plan. To save you time, go to https://yoursay.marine.nsw.gov.au/stage-1, and scroll half way down the page. The link is in a column on the right hand side labelled documents.

One of the criticisms of the document is that it allows the Government a lot of wriggle room when there are competing interests. Pages 15 and 16 talk about "trade-offs" in decision making. Another criticism is that the public and experts are excluded from decision making in the partnerships listed in pages 47 to 80. Overall, the document does not give any degree of certainty to the rules which will govern our marine parks. 


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