More dumped asbestos sheeting in the non-urban area!!

By bobreid, 3 November, 2023

Some ******* grub has dumped another load of asbestos waste - fibro- in the non-urban area, on Somerset Avenue on the corner of Dingadee Crescent!

This is a smaller load than the last ones, and was possibly dumped from a small truck or ute. The location is a fair way down Somerset but the track is not too bad and a ute or small truck could get down there without any problems.

It contains broken fibro sheets which had been painted on one side, together with empty packaging from disposable coveralls and black plastic sheeting, a pair of used grey disposable coveralls, an empty bottle of Powerade Ion 4 and an empty green can of soft drink. The fibro was wrapped in black plastic which has been damaged/opened so it is now exposed to the weather. There are two packs of fibro - one containing fibro sheets, and one containing small broken pieces of fibro.

There is one other object which can be seen in the photo - a round damaged piece of possibly plastic about 250mm in diameter that had been painted in green and brown colours.

It appears that this has been dumped in recent weeks. It may have come from a renovation in the Cove. It appears that whoever dumped it looked after their own safety by wearing protective clothing, but couldn't care less about our local environment and dumped the carefully wrapped fibro rather than taking it to a licenced landfill.

This type of behaviour is disgusting and the culprits deserve to be held to account.

If you know of any recent renos in the Cove where fibro sheeting was removed and think this waste could have come from there, or perhaps you may recognise the painted round piece please let me know so we can report it to the EPA and MidCoast Council. 

I have attached a few photos to show what it looks like.

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